Monday, April 8, 2013 is a scam!

Let everyone know this site is a scam! is a total scam. YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!

They will take your money and bitcoins and you will never see them again and you will not get your products.  Likely they do credit card fraud.

Here is my case as to why this is looking  like a big fucking scam to me! 
No surprise they'd accept a non-reversible transaction. 

"As one of the largest suppliers of laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and PCs, our purchasing power and low cost base means we can pass on the savings to you. " -

Daily Pageview 196
Daily Ads Revenue $0.59" -

AND they sell Apple products, but only get very few pageviews, and were only created very recently?


   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.SHOP4DEVICES.COM
   Name Server: NS2.SHOP4DEVICES.COM
   Status: clientTransferProhibited
   Updated Date: 30-mar-2013
   Creation Date: 06-mar-2013
   Expiration Date: 06-mar-2014

Additionally the person who posted this:
1. small profile, like 14 followers.. 
2. Image: No pictures on his profile, and his image shows up in google a bunch of times:  but with a different name. 

Someone show me otherwise that is legit? 

Apple dealer with 200 page views... psh! 

So let me get this straight. The domain Shop4Devices was registered on
Registration Date: 06-Mar-2013
For months, Bitcoin has been requested of Shop4Devices among the tech audience.
Doesn't quite add up since it hasn't been months and also no-one has ever heard of Shop4Devices. Google doesn't even show up any other website that even mention Shop4Devices.
And the domain was paid for by using DOMAINS4BITCOINS.COM - an anonymous way to obtain a domain and the details of the DNS are all hidden behind PrivacyProtect.
So basically, you already found out and know how to use bitcoin FROM THE START (since you paid your domain for it using bitcoins).
From one of the reviews on your website (Nikon D7000)
One of the best dslr's out there. Very good price also (Posted on 2/28/13)
How did this young fella even managed to post that comment on that date when the website wasn't even up yet. Fake reviews? Tell me it ain't so.
Totally sounds like a legit business. Not.
[–]physalisx 14 points  ago
Really sounds like a scam, and some things on the site look rather fishy.
Look at the "about us" page:
The "What do our customers think about us?" Graphic looks like it's just a screenshotted copy from another site, it's just a picture, even though it has "Read reviews" which I'd think would be links..
It also says "95% of our customers would buy from Laptops Direct again". Laptops direct is completely different and as far as I can tell, unrelated online shop:
And if you want to check out, the only other payment method available is by bank transfer, with this explanation
Because of the problems we've been having with our payment system, the only payment option available is by bank transfer. But don't worry, the confirmation takes no more than 12 to 24 hours.
I wouldn't touch this until we hear some very good explanations.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

eBay Alternatives -- Online Marketplaces besides eBay to sell products. Lower Fees.

Google+ eBay Alternatives Community - Other Marketplaces with lower fees.

Join this group! :D 
Lets all work together and figure out the best tactics to sell online, on marketplaces besides eBay. 

Here is a good list of marketplaces we shall discuss:

Places to Sell Besides eBay -- eBay Alternatives - Online Marketplaces

List of Marketplaces that can act as eBay Alternatives.

Follow eBay Alternatives  they will be posting about each marketplace list and more. What niche they serve, why you should join them, and the advantages and disadvantages of each!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Places to Sell Besides eBay -- eBay Alternatives - Online Marketplaces

  1. List of Marketplaces that can act as eBay Alternatives.

  2. Follow eBay Alternatives  they will be posting about each marketplace list and more. What niche they serve, why you should join them, and the advantages and disadvantages of each! 


    #ecrater   #ebid   #etsy   #ioffer   #AtomicMall   #ebay   #webstore  #offeritem   #atoncer   #addoway   #onlineshopping   #jewelry  +VESP.CO 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BitWasp - Anonymous Online Bitcoin Marketplace For Use in Tor Hidden services (.onion) and I2P Eepsites.

Quote of Entire Post:
Can you Program?
Do you want to help bitcoin change the world?
Do you want some Bitcoins?
Do you largely agree with the Austrian School of economics and related ideas?

If you answered yes to any of  those - you might be interested in the+BitWasp project! 

Bitwasp is an open source, potentially anonymous, bitcoin marketplace that is optimized for use as a tor hidden service (The Onion Router, will apear as a .onion website) or I2P as an eepsite. Read more about it here:www.thelaboratory.org, and +BitWasp 

Why is Bitwasp important?
- Help create more sites, and encourage more people to use Bitcoin.
- Help fight unjust laws such as patents and those pertaining to regulated materials (
- Help create nearly perfect markets which lower the cost of goods and services. 
- Help the I2P, and Tor network grow and become stronger helping people in governments oppressive to civil liberties.

How can I help?
-- Donate to BitWasp!
 All money goes to the programmers, and other expenditures which are minimal. 
Bitcoin Address: 1FVrHdXJBr6Z9uhtiQKy4g7c7yHtGKjyLy
(Paypal or Cash accepted, just contact +Cameron Ruggles)

--Program for us!*The main programmers are busy with school and as such development has been slowed. You can start programming for BitWasp by reading the *To Do List creating your own branch at which will be reviewed and if good will be incorperated into the main code.  If you contribute a significant amount to the code and help the BitWasp Project, we will send you some of the donated bitcoins for your effort! 

-- Share us! with your friends! If you can't donate and can't program but still want to help please consider sharing us with your interested friends on Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and of course if you are interested in writing a news article for a blog, or otherwise feel free to do so! We're more then happy for any interviews or questions you might have for us, the project, or anything else.  #Blogging   #journalism   #news  

The Current To Do List

 - The bitcoin/escrow system is still yet to be implemented. We have a plan for how to approach this, and are considering how we can go about washing coins to keep things truly anonymous. This is another big side of the marketplace we have yet to implement, and is high on our priorities, however for now we want to get the smaller features out of the way.

 - The rating system will be a large undertaking, and something which we have high hopes for. We will allow administrators to weight their ratings differently, to favor the buyer or seller, or with their own objective in mind. Making the rating system highly customizable means each Bitwasp implementation can be unique, making it difficult for scammers to cheat the system across multiple sites. In general, the rating system is there to protect all parties. We will intend it to give a fair reflection of a users reputation, taking into account the usual considerations such as how many transactions they have placed, and the value of this transaction. 

 - Need to make a few changes to the admin panel, like bringing the site down for maintainance. 

 - Caching is something that in the very final stages we will consider. The CodeIgniter framework has built in caching, which for Bitwasp is currently disabled while we're testing. However, much of the ordinary requests that will be made will be repeated often, so caching responses is something that is definitely worth looking at, but not currently a priority.

 - Need to set up error messages for the form_validation class for some rules, which may have been missed so far.

Small changes:
Fix login timeout error message when a user logs in again.
Put up a licence for the project 
Finish message threading
 - look at storing messages in a senders sent items, and recipients inbox
 - user holds any messages they can read, in their own inbox/sent items lists.
 - should lead neatly along to encrypting messages until you log in
Give users the option to burn messages on reading

Current features

If you have any interest in our project, please let us know your thoughts on these! Also if you have any interest in contributing something to bitwasp please let us know!

All the features in this section are ready to go if you download the source from github, or you can try them out here:http://bitwaspvma7yjmkr.onion/bitwasp

Test logins are buyer/buyer, seller/seller, and admin/admin.

PGP Two Step authentication
The nature of the bitwasp marketplace means that users won't usually like to supply an email/phone number to send a token to. We've decided to make it easier to guarantee the safety of your account. For users who upload a PGP public key and enable two-step, we will present a second screen upon login where they have to decrypt a challenge message using their private key, and submit the token to the server to complete the login process.

We would hope that this take two-step a bit further than it was before; emails can be hacked, and replacement SIM cards can be ordered (or the real ones stolen) so in order for an attacker to get past this, they would need to compromise the local machine through malware or other vectors, and gain access to the PGP private key. It's always good to remember that someone who has physical access to a machine is the owner for that time.

PGP Instant messaging
There are two sides to our PGP messaging system; client-side using javascript, and server-side using PHP's own functions. Once the recipient has uploaded their public key, and the sender has javascript enabled, the message will be encrypted on the client-side, before it ever reaches the server. Once the recipient receives the message, they can decrypt the message locally with the software of their choice. This is where our 'Dont trust the server' model comes in. You never know who is hosting your hidden service, what motives they have, and using client-side encryption is one way to remove faith in the operator. 

Any user also has the option to force PGP encryption on all incoming messages. If the sender has JS disabled, the server will automatically encrypt the message, and add a comment advising it was done serverside. 

If a sender wishes to have their message encrypted, but chose not to use their own software, or the JS encryption step, there is an option to have the server encrypt the message upon receipt. This isn't the best of ideas, but is a fair trade-off. It means both parties have to trust the actual server with the contents of the message. It is better than leaving it unencrypted, but not as good as encrypting the message yourself, or using the JS function.

Of course senders may chose to encrypt their messages themselves, which is perfectly fine also!

Image handling
Preliminary testing on a public IP is great, but it distracts us all from what will happen in the end; these marketplaces will likely be only accessible over tor/i2p, and loading content really should be as fast as possible. The feature is currently being tested and should be on the main git repository soon. Resizing the images to a more suitable size for display on the site is crucial to reduce latency when loading pages, so the uploaded image is reduced to suitable size for a 'large image' to be displayed, and reduced even smaller to create a thumbnail.

Along with resizing the actual images, we've also removed them from the file directories. They are held in the database, and encoded in base64. We directly use this in the template, so aside from CSS files and javascript, the content on the page is all gathered in one request, rather than >20 for the page, and each separate item.

We already have support for stripping EXIF data from all uploaded images. This removes information like when the photo was originally taken, where it was taken, the type of camera used, etc, and rewrites it to PNG format, which cannot store any of this information. Over the past year I can think of two good examples of this getting people into trouble, so we chose not to store it.

Hidden listings

Not unheard of in tor marketplaces is removing your item from main listings. Bitwasp allows vendors to do this, and leave distributing the URL of the listing to other users however they chose. This allows the marketplace to handle once-off transactions, or simply to have better control over who you offer your services/item to.

Not really a big feature, but I added it to the todo so.. Finished this now!

Centralizing configuration
CodeIgniter is great, and it makes our task so handy. We are moving some of the configuration values from the config.php and database.php files into the MySQL database. This is in preparation for an installer script. Information like the site's name, the base url, full image/thumbnail dimensions are stored there, and we are still looking at what other harded coded features should be moved to here for better control (like the rules for uploading images)

Admin Panel
This is a fairly standard feature in any system. Firstly you can update the category listings. We are writing Bitwasp so that it is highly customizable. Administrators are able to change features like the login timeout, whether vendors are required to use PGP, the length of the captcha tokens. It is possible to block registration, to make the marketplace private. Bitwasp overwrites CodeIgniters ./application/config/config.php values for the base_url and index_page values; storing them in the database. Moving the folder would require changing the string stored in the database. 
Features to add:
Generate invite requests for new users.

Installer script
This feature is finally here! The installer script creates the ./application/config/database.php file for CodeIgniter, creates the database, and also sets up the config table in the database. It's nice and simple for now, no templating, but it's quick and gets you set up!

#Bitcoin   #BTC   #TOR   #Anonymous   #opensource   #I2P   #Crypto  #cryptography   #anonymity   #anon   #Bitwasp   #programming  #webdevelopment  

More Info will be posted as we continue this adventure of creating Bitwasp!+Thomas Kerin is also a good one (better) to talk to about programming this project.